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Natural Phenomenons

Natural disasters happen all time things like storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes.

imagesThese things can be very short and not powerful those do not do any or a ton of damage like the simple thunderstorm. On the other hand, there are others that leave people without homes and abandoned. Some people even die in severe situations.

The media like the news, magazines, and the newspaper let people know about what has happened around the world. It also alerts people if there is an incoming disaster, like on the T.V whatever you are watching will get interrupted and you will see the heads up for the storm or anything.


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The year of 2013

I think the most world changing thing of 2013 is Nelson Mandela dying. I think this is a world changing thing because so many people looked up to him and beloved him. South Africans threw their body’s down at his casket weeping. He had changed their lives so much he made them as coloured people rights and not be racist in many counties and not just in his own county. Mandela will be missed by many not just in his family or in his country but around the world. His death is what I think one of the most important events of 2013.

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Its Beging To Look A lot Like Chirstmas

Christmas!!! I love Christmas it is my favourite holiday. I LOVEseeing people open presents that I spent So long finding the perfect thing for everyone.Its just so FUN. Getting together with your family at a grandparents or your own house. Getting, giving and not to mention the delicious Christmas feast! Its FANTASTIC!!!!  santa  Image Source

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Challenge 9b

For my bog nomination I am nominating a blog that has all around good qualities it has everything a blog needs. She has great post and knows exactly what picture to add to the post one that matches perfectly. She has widgets but they don’t crowd her blog too much. She has more than just school work on her blog she writes posts about her life and the world this blog you can right  here

jake gif
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Challenge 9 Part A – And Then It Happened


Challenge 8

picture for blogActivity 1

A great post has pictures and words. The pictures need to connect with the words. The words need to say exactly what is needed and cannot go off topic of what the post is about. I know it is a good blog or post when I am scrolling and I stop and read a post. I am attracted to bight colours or just a picture or words that pop. It is also hard to not read a post that a catchy title. I find great posts on blogs by reading them. I know they are great because they attract my attention and get me engaged in what they are saying.

Activity 3

books 2

A great  post that I think I have written is my challenge five Post about human rights. I believe that this one stood out to most others because I really got into it because that is a topic that I care about and connected with because we had just been talking about Malala  in class. I am able to to write about anything that I want to. This makes my blog more interesting and have more depth than just challenges and the occasional school project. It can’t just be liking a book it needs to have different ideas and pictures to make the post come alive and have attention drone to it almost like it is saying come read me I’m a good post. We can’t see if it a great post if we don’t get drone to it and read it like it should be read.



Activity 4

The first blog the person that runs this blog has pictures on posts and has a very attracting background.

This next blog is by a girl it has a nice post about national writing day and New York Times.

The blog that I thirdly visited was interesting. They had a very cool history of Halloween post that I found interesting.

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Challenge 7

Activity 2


Activity 3

Students and teachers have similar and different connections. I think that we have some of the same connections. Some connections that most teachers and students would have is watching television and popular media. This is because most people have a T.V where they can watch the popular media. A difference that me (a student would have with my teacher is co-workers I don’t have co-workers because I don’t have a job because I am only twelve years old.


Activity 4

I liked the first video more because I liked the way they made the words float across the screen and go on different angels. The two videos are similar because they are both warning people about what they are doing on the internet and being carful with what they do. One was about your digital footprint and one was about being born digital and having a digital relation right when you are born.


Activity 5

I am proud of the foot print I have left because I don’t put stuff on the internet that I wouldn’t want people down the line in my family to see. All that I see when I Google my name is some newspaper articles that I have been for winning tournaments for many sports that I played and pictures from me in my school doing things to help the needy like fundraisers that we do.


Activity 8

You are able to look for yourself at the nine themes of digital citizenship here.

head with questionmark


When I went on at first I didn’t even know about the nine themes. I agree with people that say everyone deserves to have a digital citizenship but it she be treated as a privilege and and NOT a right. If you abuse your ability to have a digital citizenship you can not do what ever you want having one. You need to think before you buy something online and ask yourself if it is a store that you trust and it is not a con person making some money.




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Challenge 6

Activity 1

In my class many of the kids grandparents were born in Canada and many were not born in Canada

Rachel [Me]- grandma was not born on Canada and she was born in the U.S.A.

Abby – Opa from Holland

Elliott – Grandpa from Holland

Hailee – Papa from Belgium

Gia – Nonno,Nonna from Italy

Connor – Grandma, Grandpa from Germany

Josh S – Grandparents from Holland

These are just some of the students that are in my class there are also much more. A ton a people in Canada are not naturally from here and were moved here in the 1800s.

Activity 2

There are no foods or recipes that are handed down in my family because most of my grand parents are from Canada and the only one from outside of Canada is my Grandmother. She makes cookies that are from her mother I believe. But they are not from a foreign county.

Activity 3

There are no cultural events from my ancestors. But my aunt lives on a farm that my ancestors bought when they moved here in the first place. It is really fun to visit it and hang out with my cousins there. It is also a part of history in my family.

Activity 4

On my mothers side my Grandma moved to Canada from The United States to be with my grandpa. They met at a dance hall where our cottage is. Our cottage is also a piece of history because my great grand father and his brother made it with their own two hands (with some help form a plumber). My grand father wanted a rap around porch and I totally agree with him on that but he got voted down.

Activity 8

Are you able to get water from your tap at home?

Is you fridge filled with food all the time?

Can you parents drive you around in the car or take the bus to the mall?



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Challenge 5

There are too many people that don’t have rights to go to school or even work. In my post I will be talking mostly about women’s rights I believe that women should have the same rights as men because this is the 21st century. I know that in a part of Pakistan a terrorist group took over a province and made it illegal for girls and women to go to malalaschool. When this happened there malala1were many girls that wanted to go to school and did not think it was right that boys were able to go and girls were not allowed to. One girl that went against the law and went to school anyway was Malala Yousafzai. This brave girl was on the bus to go to school when some men in the terrorist group went on to the bus and shot her it went into her head and out the back of  her neck. But with a mirical and amazing medical magic Malala survived! She is now in England studding to become a doctor. In a interview Malala said “that the only reason they did not want girls to go to school is because they were afraid of knowledge and the power of knowing things.” This amazing girl has stood up for women’s rights and therefor humans rights. I look up to her and wish I could have the courage she had standing up and letting girls go to school.

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